- who put their trust
in us

Our owners:

Private shareholders


Non-profit funds


At GC Rieber, we have long-term supporters who believe and put their trust in us.

In line with our “Creating Joint Futures” vision, we have a long-term focus on value creation. Both financially and for society as a whole.

Stable owners who share our values are therefore essential to achieving our goals.

Today, our shareholders consist of two main groups:

  • Private shareholders
  • GC Rieber Funds

Private shareholders

The Rieber family, employees and other parties with a relation to GC Rieber account for the main group of shareholders.

The majority of the private shareholders are fourth- and fifth-generation family members, descending from our founder, Gottlieb Christian Rieber.

The close relationship between GC Rieber and our private shareholders has ensured great stability and predictability, which has been critical to our long-term investments and development.

Some elements of the private ownership are direct, while others are via various holding companies.

GC Rieber Funds

The GC Rieber Funds comprise six different foundations that financially support various causes in the areas of culture, research and health.

With an ownership interest of 48 per cent, the Funds are GC Rieber’s largest single shareholder.

This means that almost every second krone earned in the GC Rieber Group is returned to the community.

You can read more about the GC Rieber Funds and their contributions on their website.