Social responsibility and sustainability

At GC Rieber, we are committed to taking active social responsibility and contributing to sustainable long-term development within the areas and industries in which we operate. We believe that businesses should actively use their professional expertise and experience to enable economic, environmental and social sustainability activities with targeted actions and initiatives.

Taking care of our surroundings has been an important value for GC Rieber ever since its establishment more than 140 years ago. The establishment of the GC Rieber Funds in 1929, safeguarding the community as one of the company’s four interest groups, and the integration of social responsibility into strategies and day-to-day business, are all examples of this.

2019 was the year when corporate social responsibility (CSR) was supplemented with sustainability, the term generally used today. The GC Rieber Group is also focused on this topic, as an aspect of the work of the Group’s boards of directors and management teams. GC Rieber’s business principle no. 10 is: “Natural resources should be passed on to future generations in at least as good shape as they were in when we took over.” Together with our other business principles, this is still an important guide and inspiration for the Group.

Besides environmental sustainability, social and economic sustainability are also important values. Around every fifth krone of the Group’s profits go to the GC Rieber Funds and the non-profit activities they support within such fields as social welfare, research, culture and outdoor activities.

In November 2019, GC Rieber Eiendom won the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Sustainability Prize. The jury’s motivation states that over the past ten years, the company has “… developed several areas of Bergen in a sustainable way, with good solutions for buildings, urban spaces and entire quarters of the city …”. The award has also been of great inspiration to the rest of the GC Rieber Group and confirms that over time, dedicated work pays off and is appreciated. We will build on this in our activities to achieve a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable future rooted in GC Rieber’s vision of Creating Joint Futures.

UN Global Compact

Since 2010, GC Rieber has been affiliated to the UN Global Compact initiative – the world’s largest corporate social responsibility initiative. The organisation currently has more than 10,000 member businesses in 156 countries. Via annual reporting and a focus on the UN Sustainability Development Goals, the Group has a good foundation to intensify its sustainability activities towards 2030. All companies in the Group have carefully analysed and selected the prioritised sustainability goals for which they can have the greatest direct impact and can make the biggest difference.

UN Global Compact has drawn up ten universal principles to define how companies should operate. The principles relate to the following themes:

  • Labour rights
  • Human rights
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

By joining the initiative, the GC Rieber Group is committed to integrating the ten principles in our business strategy, promoting the principles towards our business partners and reporting on activities and improvements related to the ten principles.